Dermaceutical Cosmetics Concept

Our concept in detail

Before and after pictures

Are you a beautician? And do you already work in the dermaceutical skincare sector? However, do the results fail to satisfy either you or your customers?

Then come and be won over by our Vitacontrol System VC 5001 (Made in Germany). Here, 15 years of experience in medical technology converge in a symbiosis between cold lasers and dermaceutical skincare, as well as the Hyaluron-based VC50 nutritional supplements in tablet form, for the most up-to-date treatment concepts.

Many of your competitors are already working successfully with this combination. The result? They have happy customers and can offer something which not everyone else has got.   

By introducing Vitacontrol, you will gain extensive possibilities for your business and your personal success in the area of effective and enhanced customer satisfaction (Made in Germany). Why not ask for a brochure to be sent out to you or request a consultation in your own home.