Dermaceutical Skincare

Dermaceutical Skincare

hyal skin lift serum

hyal skin lift serum A serum for the replenishment and reinforcement of the skin’s hydration by locking in moisture. It also builds up the body’s natural hyaluronic acid stores.

Intensive hydration for visibly smoothed skin. Improved tone and elasticity with good skin tolerance.

A high dose of hyaluronic acid of 1.2 % can strengthen the structure of the connective tissue and thereby preserve the elasticity and tone of the skin. The body’s own power to regenerate the skin is stimulated and protected from free radicals which damage the skin. The skin’s ability to retain moisture is increased and an immediate effect is therefore achieved for a visibly smoothed skin surface.

hyal eye lift fluid

Hyal eye lift fluid An exclusive combination of modified wheat proteins for the immediate tightening of the skin’s surface, biotechnological peptides, as well as phyto-hormones to support all physiological cell activity.

A high dose of hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and isoflavone serve to protect against free radicals and prevent cell damage.
A combination of various therapeutic plants, flavonoids, amino acids, aloe vera extracts and oligo-peptides reduce micro-circulation, will brighten the eye area and remedy signs of fatigue.

Even on the first application, dark circles and puffiness are reduced. The contours of the eye appear smoother, more even, and well-defined, regaining tone and elasticity. The eye area will appear rested, fresh and revived; your eyes will radiate a new light! A masterstroke: the contours of the eye will appear transformed.

intercelluar cream protection

intercelluar cream protection Multi-active protection with factor 25 sunscreen for the avoidance or relief of sun damage and the maintenance of collagen in the skin. This may also be used directly following UV-damage. Maximum protection is provided at any time of year; ideal for all-round protection.

Particularly appropriate for everyday care and to protect stressed and sensitive skins.

An anti-aging day cream with factor 25 sunscreen to strengthen the skin barrier, protect against UV rays and hyper-pigmentation, promote cell division, smooth out wrinkles and revolumise the skin. Beneficial following fruit acid treatments and microdermabrasion, cosmetic surgery and laser treatments.

Benefits for the client:
  • The skin feels protected and cared for to the maximum degree
  • Revitalised, healthy and smoothed appearance

intercellular cream high reversible

intercellular cream high reversible Increases cell activity, revolumises the skin, reinforces the acid mantle, increases skin hydration, smooths out wrinkles, soothes stressed skin, rebalances lipid levels, restores skin following UV-damage, prolongs the effects of laser treatments and fillers; effective following fruit acid treatments, microdermabrasion and mesoperation (no-needle) treatments.

Benefits for the client:
  • Revitalised radiance
  • Even skin tone
  • Healthy appearance
  • Velvety-soft skin

intercellular cream ultimate perfection

intercellular cream ultimate perfection Lifts the contours of the face – the “sagging effect” – strengthens the skin barrier, revolumises, tightens to a high degree, smooths out wrinkles, combats double chins, soothes irritated skin and redness, provides hi-tech anti-aging care, and is perfect as an alternative to, or following a face lift, Botox or fillers.

Benefits for the client:
  • A refreshed appearance
  • Skin which looks lifted and tightened

special cleansing foam

 special cleansing foam Intercellular Ultimate Perfection Cream gently and deeply cleanses, moisturising and soothing the skin

Benefits for the client:
  • Skin which feels cleansed, refreshed and clear

hyal tonic

hyal tonic The Vitacontrol Hyal Toner is a combination of active ingredients with high hyaluron content. This toner can greatly support daily skincare and promote the skin’s vital processes.

After use, your skin will feel really refreshed and cleansed. Hyal Toner combines very well the entire Vitacontrol skincare range.

enzymatisches peeling*

peeling These enzymatic peels containing a range of plant-based ingredients to help your skin rid itself of impurities. Even the tiniest of dead skin cells are removed by the silver particles they contain, leaving your skin smooth.

This peel therefore offers an ideal basis for a combined treatment with our deep-acting Diamond Microdermabrasion system VCMD 4001 (Made in Germany). Furthermore, your skin is prepared to the maximum for the application of related Vitacontrol skincare products, in order to achieve the desired results.
* This product is not freely available from retailers but is only to be applied by practicing professionals.

hyaluron intercellulargel*

hyaluron Intercellulargel The specially developed Hyaluron Intercellular Gel, tested over a period of several years, used in combination with Vitacontrol Laser Systems, will achieve an unparalleled, lasting tightened feeling to your skin.

This has only become possible due to ongoing further development (Made in Germany) without the addition of animal products and in a completely uncontaminated environment during production in a sterile laboratory, in accordance with the strict regulations of the German Cosmetics Ordnance (KVO) and the FDA. The areas of skin treated will appear to be visibly relaxed and at the same time, the entire appearance of the skin is improved.
* This product is not freely available from retailers but is only to be applied by practicing professionals.