Medical Concept

Our Concept in Detail


Do you want to offer your patients more than the usual power output? This is what many of your fellow-professionals are already doing. It will open up many and wide-ranging possibilities for application in general medicine, cosmetic surgery, dermatology, dentistry, trauma surgery, and wellness practice.


Expand or integrate into your existing practice concept the innovative VC 5001 med Cold Laser System treatment concept (Made in Germany), which can be carried out by staff.

Advantages: you will have the free, hitherto unexploited potential to maximise your staff and also offer your patients one of the most effective treatment concepts in the field of skin regeneration. 

The system can also be applied in supplementary, pain-free treatment options within many medical procedures, such as in the management of wound healing, herpes, scars and many others. Ask for a detailed brochure about our system today or arrange a no-strings attached consultation at your practice.

Images of treatment

Before burns After burns
Scar Treatment Before Scar Treatment After
Treatment Behandlung Treatment