Vitacontrol® Cold Laser System

Vitacontrol® Cold Laser System

vc 5001 med

Thanks to its further enhanced optical output power, the VC 5001 med has since become an everyday accompaniment to dermalogical treatments and cosmetic procedures.

It already makes a substantial contribution to the rapid and improved recovery of patients in the fields of wound management and post-operative care. The Vitacontrol Laser System VC 5001 med is developing (Made in Germany) and finding its place in many other fields of application.

You can also read about all available details concerning this in the “Beauty” information booklet or seek a personal consultation with one of our specialist staff. The laser’s application is due to its newly developed software and our attention to the greatest possible functionality, which can even be delegated by a doctor. The advantages of the Vitacontrol System may be exploited to the full in tapping undeveloped the potential of staff and space. From this can come a substantial increase in productivity and customer satisfaction.

vc 5001

The Vitacontrol Laser System VC 5001 is one of the highest performing laser systems of its class. In now what is already the 4th generation, the VC 5001 is winning people over thanks to its amazing performance in wide-ranging results in the field of anti-aging and skin regeneration treatments. The VC 5001 is already offering completely new possibilities to dermaceutically-orientated beauticians who want to develop further in this area.

Do you find that the treatment results from market-standard systems fall short? Then you can offer your clients something quite special as from now with the Vitacontrol System VC 5001, either alone or in combination with the VCMD 4001 Diamond Microdermabrasion System. The benefits are evident: a completely new customer base is opening up for multiple applications and for a dramatic increase in your productivity of up to 300%. Your competitiveness will automatically be enhanced through intensive specialist and vocational training.

VCMD 4001

The Diamond Microdermabrasion Device 4001 (Made in Germany), developed in 2012, is convincing due to its user-friendliness, which especially due to the precise adjustability of the vacuum, and its high-powered pump, renders it more attractive than other market-standard systems. On one hand, it offers an inexpensive entry into the world of dermaceutical treatments and on the other, an excellent supplement to the Laser Systems, VC 5001 med and VC 5001.

The skin is primed to the maximum on after-care treatment with Vitacontrol skincare products, as well as on further treatments with Vitacontrol Laser Systems.